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10 things you didn’t know about Stephen Hawking


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Even if you don’t care much about pursuing physical achievements, you must hear about Stephen Hawking. He is one of the smartest physicists in the world, even though he is completely paralyzed and can’t even speak.

He is the author of many theories about black holes and time travel, and he has many studies on how the universe originated. We can talk about it in detail later, but please give this quick information some glimpses of this genius physicist:

1. Have a grade acceptable to the school:

We know Stephen Hawking to be one of the strongest physicist minds these days, but back in the day when Hawking was in school, he was never one of the students who predicted a brilliant future.

When he was nine years old he was one of the students with bad grades in the class and with a little effort he made his grades average but not a great thing but despite his inability to make an effort in school he loved taking apart devices and clocks and putting them back together to work again . But the problem with the accepted degree in school was that his father could not at first send him to Oxford University as a scholarship because he did not have the money, but the surprise was that when Hawking took the aptitude test at the university, he almost got the final result

2. He had an aversion to the living:

Stephen Hawking loved mathematics from an early age, yet his father preferred Hawking to be one of the famous doctors.

But despite Hawking’s interest in all sciences, he did not like to study biology, and at this time he had already devoted his mind to studying concepts more related to the world and needed a lot of thinking.

He faced a problem that Oxford University at this time had not dedicated a department of mathematics, but he joined the Department of Physics, and there he focused his thinking on many big questions and decided to specialize in one of two departments: particle physics and cosmology.

3. He was the captain of the Oxford University rowing team:

Of course, any of us who went to Oxford would be the happiest of people, but contrary to our expectations, Stephen Hawking was miserable in his first year at university and after one of his friends saw him in this condition and recommended him to join the rowing team before he knew the truth of his illness.

And since rowing was an important sport at Oxford University, it made him one of the most famous in the university and made his life there better and more adventurous.

4. He will not live beyond his 21st birthday:

When he reached the final year and while he was on vacation at the end of the year with his family, he began to show symptoms of stumbling and thinness, so the family insisted that he be shown to the doctor, but before he went to the doctor, he went to the New Year’s party. He met his future wife, Jane Wilde, and two weeks after he turned 21, he discovered the truth of his illness, which would lead him to a complete loss of control over his muscles, and he would only be able to live for a few months.

5. The Infinite Universe Theory:

The greatest achievement in his life was his ability to develop a theory proving that the universe has no limits in 1983

Stephen Hawking and Hartl were able to combine the theories of quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general relativity. To put a theory that proves that all galaxies exist in a large content called the boundless universe, we can talk about it in detail if you want to in another article

6. Betrayed by black holes:

In 2004 he began to doubt the error of his theory of black holes, which he began developing in 1997

As we all know that black holes are generated from the death of stars and result in a huge gravitational force that even light cannot escape from, but Hawking in 1975 said that black holes are not really black, but they radiate energy. But the problem with his theory is that it contradicts in many parts with the laws of quantum mechanics, so he abandoned this idea.

And since he has the spirit that can admit mistakes, he announced his mistake in 2004 at a scientific conference

7. He has a huge number of awards and recognitions:

Over the course of his career in physics, he has received a large number of scientific awards, which we will not list all, but we will mention the most important ones

In 1974 he was entered into Royal society, which is the Royal Scientific Academy in Britain, and he was awarded the Gold Medal in Science, as well as the Einstein Prize. For freedom, despite having obtained 12 different degrees, he has not yet been awarded the Nobel Prize

8. He wrote a children’s book:

One of the most unexpected facts is that Stephen Hawking has written a children’s book. Although Hawking is a great physicist, he managed to get down to the level of children’s thinking to teach them a little about the universe. In 2007 Hawking collaborated with his daughter Lucy to write George’s secret key to the universe. It is a science fiction story that tells of a young boy named George who goes against his family’s desire to study technology and then begins with his neighbors and friends to make connections between physics and computers. This book explains many physical laws in a simplified way in an interesting story that attracts children

9. He believes in the existence of aliens:

In the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of NASA in 2008, Stephen Hawking announced his belief in the existence of aliens, as he announced some of his predictions in a program on the Discovery Channel, but the evidence has not yet been proven true or false.

10. Journey in Zero Gravity to Save Humans:

In 2007, when Stephen Hawking was 65 years old, he had to experience zero gravity and get away from his wheelchair.

Aside from fulfilling his intense desire to travel to space and to look at the Earth from such a high altitude, Stephen Hawking’s desire was the truth behind his travel to space that he believes that the only hope for humanity after nuclear wars and the terrible pollution that the Earth suffers from is to escape to space. Humans travel to another planet where they can live again

What did you learn from our article on Stephen Hawking and do you agree with his thinking??


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