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7 job interview mistakes common mistakes you never make


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Common and common job interview mistakes that may expose you to losing a job even though you deserve it. Over the years, job interviews have become almost the only way to help you get a job. Where the person responsible for the recruitment of the company or the new place in which you want to work will conduct an interview for you. This person will ask some questions related to your field of work, your ambition, your personal qualities. This is so that he can build an overall picture of your experience and ability to work.

But not everyone can handle interviews well. It’s not just stress that affects your interview. Typical interview mistakes include behaving arrogantly, being overly irritable, talking too much, or refusing to answer certain questions.

The most common job interview mistakes

And a survey conducted by one of the recruitment companies found that there are 7 mistakes that everyone who applies for work may make. These errors may be unhelpful and affect the evaluation of recruiters in different workplaces. These errors are:

1- You are late for the interview

Your car has broken down, or the road is completely crowded. The train you are getting on is late from far away. Or your grandmother was ill and necessitated going to the hospital. It won’t all be good enough if you’re not there on time for the interview. If you know you will be disrupted in any way, contact the recruiter before you go there. You can fully explain your situation, and ask if it is possible to repeat the interview at another appropriate time.

Although this doesn’t sound perfect, it will make a good impression on him. Because apologizing is much better than letting him wait for you and wasting his time .

2- You haven’t searched well for your new workplace

It is very important that you research the company you are applying to for a new job. It’s much better than getting bogged down in a super easy question the recruiter will ask you, “What do you know about our company, or what are we doing here at the company?” . Instead of putting yourself in this situation, research your new company well. So that you get enough information about the company, such as the history of the company, the divisions of the company, the tasks you perform. Take notes and review them right before the interview to make sure you are fully prepared.

3- Talking inappropriately about your former boss

Even if you want to paint an honest picture of why you left your previous job. Don’t talk badly about your boss or previous employer. This may have negative consequences for you if the interviewer knows your former manager or employer. Additionally, any employer is always looking for signs that they can work with you, and how mature you are in handling professional disputes. Therefore, blaming others or your ex-manager may reflect negatively on you. It will also leave the employer wondering whether or not hiring you has a good thing.

4- Pay attention to your mobile phone during the interview

It is normal and logical to turn off your mobile phone during a job interview. Unfortunately, many people may not be aware of such a thing. This is because they are accustomed to using the mobile phone all the time (and this is normal happening nowadays). But in fact, answering your phone or replying to a text message, or even not activating the silent mode of the phone during the interview, may greatly affect your acceptance and appointment in the new company or job. Many hiring officials consider this a lack of respect, or a lack of interest in the interview.

5- Asking about privileges

As it may be tempting to ask about the benefits and perks the company offers you. However, recruitment experts agree that this is not desirable in job interviews. At least, don’t ask about these things in the first interview. And you can ask after the completion of the second interview. Make sure that most companies explain all the benefits in detail before reaching the hiring stage , so do not rush it.

6- Don’t brag about the interview on social media

If you had a very successful and wonderful job interview. Don’t go to “Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn” and brag or post about your interview. An earlier survey found that two out of every five employers browse social media to search for a potential job candidate. So, if he does his research and finds that you have posted what happened to you in the job interview. That wouldn’t be entirely in your favour. This invites you not to disclose what happened with you in the job interview on social media.

7- You don’t follow well

One of the most common mistakes in job interviews! Although it is an innocent mistake, it is considered a serious and sometimes major mistake in job interviews. You may think that you will not be accepted in job interviews, or that the job you are applying for surely has hundreds or even thousands of applicants. So, after completing your first job interview, email the recruiter who interviewed you. Thank him for his good treatment with you, this will keep you in their minds for a longer period. It will even make you a candidate for another vacancy they have if you are completely unsuitable for the first job.

Don’t forget to ask at the end of the interview about expectations, such as when they will contact me, what the next step is. This will make sure that you are excited and really willing to work with them. Interest in work is the first step to success in any work you are doing or even looking for.

last word

In the end, do not forget to do as much as you can to prove your competence and entitlement to this job . Do not spare any effort in the search for your new workplace. Or even in explaining your capabilities and answering the questions of the recruiter in the new company.


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