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9 Best time management apps for iPhone


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The best time management applications for iPhone, and it is one of the applications that you need with the heavy burdens of life, and with the increasing daily tasks that an individual must perform, there must be external help that works to remind you of the most important appointments and obligations that you have to finish them every day, and a number of Of these applications on the App store, which is for the iPhone, and these are the best applications whose basic idea works to alert you of daily tasks.

Best time management apps for iPhone

Managing and organizing time is one of the most important things that help you succeed. You should start your day by making a plan and allocating time in every part of it, so as not to lose your focus and waste time doing things that can be accomplished in less time.

Where your focus remains on the entire list and this is what time management applications for iPhone provide you with, because they help you manage your time well and finish the work that needs to be done in record time, so we will put in your hands the best time management applications for iPhone.

todoist app

It is an application designed to organize time and manage tasks for the iPhone. It also features a number of features, including the following:

  • It allows you to define tasks that you must perform according to specific dates set by you.
  • You can mark them to help you, as well as classify them into several categories that may be according to importance, priority or any other scheme for you, with labels to remind you.
  • The application helps you to add tasks from your desktop or phone.
  • It works with an additional fun and distinctive feature that is a reward for you when you complete your task, as it enables you to raise the Karma points in your possession to contribute to raising your level of satisfaction with the work you have completed.
  • This application is available in a free version on the App store platform, and there is another version that is more distinctive and you can get it for a payment of $ 4, and there is another version of this application that is intended for companies and can be obtained for a payment of $ 5.

Be focused timer app

It is one of the best time management applications for the iPhone, and it can never be dispensed with for those who have dealt with it and tried it, as it has several advantages, the most important of which are the following:

  • This app provides you an easy way to keep track of your progress in your current business.
  • It allows you to keep track of the history and times of your previous work, and the application adds the ability to manage your tasks, as well as track your goals with customizing the duration of your work break in order to maximize your productivity.
  • This application is available completely free of charge on the App store, and it can also be downloaded on a MAC laptop if you want to download it on your phone or laptop.

OmniFocus Time Management App

The OmniFocus application provides you with a number of features inside it. It is one of the best time management applications for iPhone because:

  • Define the calendar with the ability to add new tasks.
  • Periods can be set aside for review, audit and other matters.
  • It allows you to sync your data between a range of Mac devices, as well as iOS apps using this application when it is installed on the iPhone.
  • To enjoy all the features of the application, you can download it for a payment of up to $39.99 per month or $79.99 annually and enjoy all its features.

Focus Booster App

The Fox Booster organizing app uses the Pomodoro Technique model which is a unique technology that allows you to keep track of your work.

The app also allows you to connect meetings, projects, and revenue to your Pomodoros system, helping you get a more in-depth look at your progress and how it’s going.

It is worth noting that this application is available in its free version on the platforms of Android phones, iPhone and is also available on the App store platform distinctly and with more services, which is the version that is downloaded for a sum of money, which is $2.99 ​​or $4.99, and the difference between them depends on the features you want to have. .

Kiwake Alarm Clock app

It is an alarm clock application that integrates the daily alarm that you use with other beautiful effects, and it can be identified through the following points:

  • It is an application that also removes the snooze button, and in order to turn off this alarm, you must get out of bed, and then solve questions that need to be thought, and then review all the goals assigned to you to turn off the alarm.
  •  This app is available for download on the App store for $7.99, and you will also get all the other features that are built into this app.

Focus@Will App

  • Focus@Will is one of the best time management apps for iPhone. Developed by three neuroscientists, it has put together a well-thought-out collection of music that is combined and has specific neurological purposes.
  • You can choose from several different types of music, so as to customize any of the energy levels you want, and this music helps you focus more.

Freedom app

This application raises the level of your concentration and this is what distinguishes it from other applications, including the following:

  • It blocks all applications that distract coding and waste time, such as social networking sites, game applications, and others until you finish what you are doing.
  • This application allows you to allocate working time by selecting “sessions”, which in turn start automatically and block out everything that can distract you and lose focus, and prevent access to sites with useless content.
  • The Freedom Organizer app for iPhone can be downloaded through the Apple platform, by paying $6.99 per month or purchasing the app for a full year at $129.

Noisli app

The Noizli application helps to provide a special environment for you, and it also has various other advantages in the work mechanism that it works on, as follows:

  • It blocks the noise around you while performing work tasks, it blocks outside distraction and helps you focus more on the tasks you are doing.
  • The application enables you to choose from several groups that you have pre-selected, which are sounds that you adjust, such as categories of interlacing nature sounds or ocean waves.
  • It allows you to combine a number of sounds to make your own charming noises and help you increase focus, and the application is available for free on the computer or as a download on iPhone devices for a simple payment of $1.99.

Forest App

  • Forest App allows you to put your phone aside and focus thanks to the features of the time management app for iPhone.
  • It helps you optimize all the tasks you do on your phone without losing focus, with the tasks you have to do in a pre-arranged chronological order.
  • This application can also be downloaded on the App store by paying a sum of money of $1.99.

The best time management applications for iPhone This is what we have shown through our site, so that you can install the best application whose features you liked, as these applications differ in the way they work in order to organize time.


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