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How to Build a Strong NFT Community


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In particular, since it’s an entirely new type of investment, the communities of passion and enthusiasm play an important part in the NFT area. Every community has its own characteristics that are, naturally (such such as exclusivity) however, what is the most solid one? And how can you build an effective NFT community for yourself?

Make a plan and establish goals.

It is essential to establish a vision and a plan of what you’re hoping to accomplish through the NFT project. This is the basis of your project so you need to identify your specific niche to ensure that your project and its ideas distinct from others. The size of the project will be determined by the size of the project, however there is no community without people who are convinced of your vision. The most successful NFT projects go beyond art of targeting a particular group of people and evoking an emotion.

Select your preferred platform

Most of people in the NFT members are active on 2 platformsthe two platforms – Twitter and Discord — and it is important to know the differences between them. Twitter is used for communication with the members of the community, and also people from outside who might want to join. Think of it as a platform for inviting people to engage through your posts and feel is it like being a part of the community. The way of speaking is informal and memes are a major role in NFT Twitter. 

there are a variety of ways to get them involved in the world of content, including contests, events and games. People are able to express themselves in public in this space, and it’s easy to get the attention of the most influential influencers. Make use of both in your favor.

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Discord lets you interact directly with your group -it’s a live platform that can communicate information to members, and also a place in which the community itself is created. A successful Discord community offers the user with a seamless experience for onboarding, with easy access to vital information about the team and project and each must have at minimum an “Welcome,” “Official Links,” “Announcements”, and “FAQ” channel.

There are also people who have concerns regarding your project therefore it’s an excellent idea to establish channels or a ticketing system with an Discord bot to aid users. However, keep in mind the fact that too many channels could be exhausting, so try to keep them up-to-date. More is not necessarily better.

Consider thinking outside of the box to see options that match your vision and goals for the project. The use of an Instagram and Snapchat account that can provide quick updates or behind the scenes content by the team that is working on the project is a good alternative. Both platforms have great and distinctive AR capabilities in addition to being able to create and develop immersive experiences that can be incorporated in your marketing and communications strategy.

Create engaging events

Events play a significant part in establishing a solid NFT community. The goal is to allow people to engage in fun ways with each other, as everyone wants to be part of something larger than them. Twitter Spaces is a great platform to host events, such as weekly AMAs as well as Discord has the stage to organize events.

To form a more unified community of like-minded individuals Consider organising an event for gamers or an evening of movies.

A further incentive to attend an event, and one that is expanding in its use and application of Proof of Attendance Protocol, or POAP. A fresh method of keeping the record of your life’s experiences These are distinctive badges that are protected by a cryptographic document, and also are NFTs. They can be given away to attendees of the event, and they’re absolutely free to design.

AR experiences can help improve and enhance the digital experience of your community, and they could be a great fit to your marketing strategies well. Create digital puzzles for your community members and offer your members an NFT or some other reward as a reward for completing these puzzles. There is the possibility to create an entirely new world for your users to explore.

Making use of Discord bots to make exciting activities is another option. bots for free have been developed by developers from all over the world, so you can take benefit of these. Moderation levels, trivia, and more are also offered depending on the bots you install on your server for community.

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Improve trust

The creation of a strong team and building a foundation around the NFT project and your community is crucial. You can’t predict every single thing that will happen, but of course and in order to build trust, it is essential to be able to effectively communicate with the members. They expect that you are available to them all day, 7 every day of the week. it’s helpful to have community managers as well as moderators who can assist you in this.

It is not possible to delay releases for weeks while you work with your NFT project. This could lower confidence. If delays occur be sure to explain in specificity and transparency to the members the reason for the delay. (The vast majority of members will get it.) Be willing to hear feedback from others and paying attention to what other people have to comment on. Be open to feedback at all times even when the most unlikely scenarios occur.

We’ve witnessed a variety of Discord communities hacked by social engineering. Therefore, it’s essential to implement security measures to protect your community, and that you have Discord permissions properly set up. Do not grant admin rights to anyone and keep your moderators and members aware of any scams. There is no way to trust anyone.

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Here are a few more security tips worth considering:

Be careful when clicking on links that appear to be unexpected. If you exit Discord by clicking the link that redirects you to a different website that site could have an access point to personal data.

You can lower the amount of time your computer is exposed websites and phishing attempts by removing the direct message you receive (and even friend requests).

Do not download files from anyone who you don’t personally know or you can trust. Do not use .SCR as well as .EXE files.

Be wary of divulging personal information.

* The employees who work for Discord and other services will not request your password, or any other information regarding your personal details related to the use of voice or text chat.

Be alert for fake identities. Always confirm the Discord Token Identification (a string of numbers and letters that is which is used as an authorization number to gain access to accounts) that belongs to the individual you’re talking to. It’s possible to do this by activating Developer mode within Your Discord account settings.


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