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Positive personality traits and how does it affect others?


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Positive character traits can be inferred on the owners of this character through some of the traits that they are characterized by, the positive character is one of the best characters ever, because they are people who love life and possess many good qualities, but they are also one of the characters who live life well because they enjoy With good health, avoiding excessive stress and entering into depression that affects the quality of life, so today we will learn about the most prominent traits that possess a positive personality while identifying how to acquire as much positivity as possible in our personality, and whether the positive personality is the result of the genetic factor or circumstances. Social.

Positive personality traits

There are many characteristics that characterize people with a positive personality, including:

  • Optimism: One of the main characteristics of those with a positive personality, because a positive person is a very optimistic person who stays away from pessimism.
  • Tolerance : One of the most prominent positive personality traits is the presence of a great deal of internal tolerance within it, because tolerance is the opposite of grudge, and therefore we see that the owner of this character does not carry within him hatred or grudge towards anyone.
  • Honesty : It is one of the most prominent features of positive personality, because a positive person completely avoids lying and is characterized by honesty in saying and doing.
  • Flexibility : The person with a positive personality is often characterized by flexibility in dealing, which makes it easier for him to adapt to any circumstances he is exposed to.
  • Self-discipline: This person has a great deal of self-control when exposed to any difficult situation, because he has the will and strength to help him take the right behavior.

Ten positive traits

Positive personality traits are very many, and the most prominent ten positive traits are:

  1. Respect, because the owner of this character is often a respected person who deserves respect from others.
  2. This person is often trusted by others, because the owners of this character enjoy not revealing secrets and maintaining the secrecy of others.
  3. Loyalty is one of the qualities found in the owners of this personality, as they are among the authentic personalities who do not abandon their relatives easily.
  4. Independence is one of the positive characteristics of people with a positive personality, because they prefer to rely on themselves rather than others.
  5. Ambition is also one of their qualities, because they do their utmost to reach their dreams and goals.
  6. Curiosity is one of the characteristics of the owners of this character, as they want to know what is going on around them.
  7. Self-esteem is one of their traits, because they realize their own ability to challenge negative thoughts.
  8. Courage and fearlessness are among the qualities that help them reach their dreams and goals.
  9. Forgiveness, because they are forgiving and forgive offense easily, and are not characterized by hatred and inner anger.
  10. Love life and enjoy all the beautiful things in life and not think about anything negative that disturbs them in life.

How to get a positive personality

There is no doubt that the positive personality traits are among the best personalities, and that is why this set of tips should be followed in order to acquire the positive personality as much as possible:

  • Accepting the self, accepting the thoughts that revolve inside us, interpreting these thoughts positively, and staying away from negative thinking .
  • Setting some goals and trying to reach them, because the more a person achieves any goal he desires, the more positive feelings that he has within him and the more confidence he has in himself.
  • It is preferable that the goals that a person sets be positive goals and change the shape of his life for the better.
  • Practicing meditation, which contributes to getting rid of stress and anxiety, improves the psychological state and fights depression.
  • Positive situations that positively affect the person and make them feel happy are written in order for these attitudes to be reinforced.
  • Say some motivational words to yourself and praise yourself because the more a person loves himself, the more he enjoys a positive personality.
  • Examine negative situations and re-evaluate these situations, so that these situations are turned into useful experiences.
  • Smile and be happy as much as possible and love life even if the person is going through harsh and irritable circumstances.
  • Dedicate daily time to do anything that the person loves, such as reading, reading, meeting friends and others.
  • Being close to loved ones and who have a positive personality.
  • Excessive reading of stimulating speech that leaves a positive impact on the soul.

Traits of positive influence on others

There is no doubt that a positive person affects others positively, and its impact is as follows:

  • A positive person often gives others positive energy that makes them more capable of success and encourages them to achieve their goals and make it easier for them to reach them.
  • A positive person makes others have more generosity and generosity in dealing with others.
  • It introduces a feeling of happiness and joy to others.
  • It increases the confidence of others in themselves and improves their ability to face difficult circumstances.
  • It helps them expand their circle of knowledge.

Is a positive trait hereditary or acquired?

Many people do not know whether positive personality traits are hereditary or acquired, and for this we would like to point out:

  • Some studies have shown that having twins has a positive personality of 14-20% due to the genetic factor.
  • Positive character traits are transmitted mainly due to the external environment and life experiences.
  • From the foregoing, it is clear that the genetic factor plays a minor role in acquiring a positive personality, while the rest of the factors are due to the social conditions and the surrounding environment.

Positive character building

This set of tips helps in building a positive character:

  • Apologizing when a person makes a mistake, because an apology is better than justifying the mistake.
  • Think deeply about the decisions that are made.
  • Have the will and perseverance in order for the person to reach the goals he seeks and achieve success with them.
  • Avoid postponing any work, because the accumulation of work makes a person nervous and may become nervous.
  • Use the time well and do useful things.
  • Entering into a new business experience, because this imparts a new skill and makes the person gain more knowledge.
  • Practicing more healthy habits in all aspects of life.
  • Learn new ways and do different arts practice.
  • Avoid constant internal conflicts with oneself.

positive personality in psychology

Psychologists define a positive personality as someone who has many positive traits that influence their thinking, behavior, and feelings.

The positive personality is the one who enjoys a good mood and interacts with others and avoids negative thinking in all their life situations.

Now we have learned about the most prominent positive personality traits in addition to learning how to be characterized by this character, because a truly positive person is one of the best types of comfortable personalities in dealing with people and at the same time he is a person who feels the pleasure of life and can enjoy everything around him.


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